BioActive Proteins

BioActive Proteins

Seattle Genova offers variety of Fc receptor proteins that are highly recommended to customers for better quality and performance. Years of expertise and knowledge is applied to produce these products to fulfil customers’ requirements. Fc receptor is a protein from the family of immunoglobulin that plays vital role in immune system. These receptors are present on the surface of B lymphocytes, natural killer cells, macrophages, neutrophils and mast cells and they binds to the antigen that attaches to the invading pathogens. Their activity stimulates antigen-mediated phagocytosis that helps in destroying pathogens.Their most important function is to activate phagocytes.

BioActive Biomarker Proteins
Bioactive proteins generally modulate the immune response to physiological stress in a challenging environment…
Proteins for Allergy Research
The ability of certain proteins to induce an allergic response in susceptible individuals is well established. Symptoms can range from mild erythema or rhinitis…