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Chemical Characterization of Liposomes

Chemical Characterization of Liposomes

With the help of vast knowledge and expertise in excellent offerings. Scientists at Seattle Genova are offering excellent services on wide range of mRNA and LNP production and characterization. Seattle Genova is proud to cover services on all three types of parameters in the category of characterization of liposomes. We are working hard to offer all the answers for our customers need. Our expert team stay in touch with our customers throughout the process. Seattle Genova is providing separate services for the chemical parameters in the characterization of liposomes to fulfill our customer’s need.

Chemical analysis of liposomes is important to determine the purity and potency of various liposomal constituents. The most common chemical parameters which are analyzed are:

Ø  Phospholipid concentration

Ø  Cholesterol concentration

Ø  Phospholipid peroxidation

Ø  Phospholipid hydrolysis

Ø  Cholesterol auto-oxidation

Ø  Liposomal dispersion

Ø  Osmolarity

The quantification of phospholipids is vital to control the performance of the preparation technique. Phospholipids content material in liposomes was determined through Stewart’s assay, based on the formation of a coloured complex among phospholipids and ammonium ferrothiocyanate reagent.

The concentration of cholesterol is decided through colorimetric assay of a colored complex formed in the reaction among cholesterol and freshly prepared acetic anhydride-concentric sulfuric acid mixture (20:1) at 680 nm or through dissolving cholesterol in glacial acetic acid.

An isocratic high-performance liquid chromatographic method (column ASTEC diol; 250 mm x 4.6 mm, five µm particle size) and mobile phase: chloroform–methanol–aqueous ammonium acetate (71:26: 3 v/v) is carried out for a simultaneous determination of cholesterol, cardiolipin, and 1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine in numerous pharmaceutical formulations is employed in the literature.




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