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Cynomolgus Monkey Cross-reactive Antibody Development Service

Cynomolgus Monkey Cross-reactive Antibody Development Service

In Seattle Genova, our group of executed scientists works as an extension of your lab. We are enthusiastic about the improvement of ideal antibodies, and we are able to work in partnership with you to provide reagents that meet your expectations. We have supported discovery initiatives with tailored antibodies for many years. Our Antibody Services Group has an extended culture of partnering with people in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic fields in researches including therapeutic antibody lead generation, diagnostic reagent development, and the improvement of novel research tools to promote discovery.

Cross-reactivity among antigens takes place whilst an antibody directed in opposition to one specific antigen is a hit in binding with another, different antigen. The antigens in question have similar 3-dimensional structural regions, referred to as epitopes, which permit the antibody for one antigen to recognize a 2nd antigen as being structurally the same antigen. Animal species used in the preclinical research for development of monoclonal antibody (mAb) drugs are surveyed. Relevant animal species for preclinical research of mAb candidates are the ones express desired epitope of mAb candidates. Cynomolgus monkey’s cross-react with mAb drugs much higher than other animal species usually used in preclinical research including absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME), efficacy, and toxicity studies, for development of latest drugs. Moreover, plasma exposure of the mAb drugs in humans is predicted well from the exposure in the monkeys, and the placental transfer of immunoglobulin G (IgG, all the mAb drugs contain IgG) from mother to fetus is similar among humans and the monkeys from a viewpoint of time course and plasma level of IgG transferred. These determined findings suggest that the monkeys are the maximum appropriate animal species used in the ADME and toxicity research for development of latest mAb drugs.




  • 2 mg cross-reactive antibody with 6 month cell banking service.

  • A complete work report.


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