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Ferritin-based Protein-nanoparticle Production Service

Ferritin-based Protein-nanoparticle Production Service

There are many varieties of nanoparticle used in the field of vaccine development, which includes polymeric nanoparticles, inorganic nanoparticles, liposomes, virus-like particles, self-assembled proteins, etc. Ferritin, with its particle uniformity and inner/outer surface modifiable features, can play a vital role in the field of vaccine development. Seattle Genova has been developing its techniques for the production of nanoparticle products. With the help of our scientists’ expertise and vast knowledgeable creativity, Seattle Genova has developed ferritin-based protein-nanoparticles after the successful services of lipids, and polymer based nanoparticles. We do not compromise on the quality and time of our customers and provides high quality, high efficiency, and consistent-quality batch products every time.

Nanoparticle Structure:

Ferritin nanoparticles globally present in nature. Its structure consists of

Ø  a hollow core of inner of 8 nm

Ø  and outer diameters of 12 nm

That can be internalize up to 4500 iron atoms in the form of ferric oxyhydroxide, with variable quantities of phosphate

Ferritin Structure:

Each ferritin particle is composed of 24 homologous subunits that self-assemble in octahedral symmetry, such that small channels are fashioned on the 4-fold and 3-fold symmetry axes. These channels permit the passage of iron, different ions, or small molecules, with iron being guided through the 3-fold channels. Each monomer consists of a four-α-helix bundle (A, B, C, and D helices) with a brief 5th E-α-helix on the C-terminus that runs from the outside to the inside, making the C-terminal end of the ferritin chain to be within the assembled nanoparticle. Additionally, an extended loop (L) of approximately nineteen residues connects the C-terminal of the B-helix to the N-terminal of the C-helix. The N-terminal, L loop, and A- and C-helices are solvent-accessible, at the same time as the C-terminal, and B- and D-helices face the inner side of the ferritin nanocage.



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