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In Vitro Transcribed RNA Expression Analysis

In Vitro Transcribed RNA Expression Analysis

Seattle Genova provides various therapeutic opportunities for diseases through the in vitro transcribed mRNA. The IVT mRNA versatility lies in various critical features like simplified cell-free manufacturing, insertional mutagenesis, and cell cycle-independent performances. Seattle Genova provides the solution to mRNA production streamlines through gene synthesis to IVT mRNA production and expression analysis. mRNA produced at Seattle Genova optimized with a proprietary production platform by ensuring customized mRNA quality and expression efficiency. 

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova offers various analysis methods like Real-Time PCR, Western Blotting, ELISA, and Fluorescence microscopy to detect variable mRNA expressions.

Real-Time PCR

For the mRNA expression, another analysis was run by our services through quantitative PCR (qPCR). The steady-state levels of mRNA are quantified by the reverse transcription of the RNA to the cDNA. The amount of each target is measured through the fluorescence signal from DNA-binding dyes or enzyme-mediated amplification. Hence real-time PCR becomes the gold standard in nucleic acid quantification because of its sensitivity and accuracy and quantitates the mRNA expression following conversion to cDNA.  


Seattle Genova offers western Blotting, used in research to separate and identify mRNA and related proteins. Western Blotting involves the utilization of gel electrophoresis to isolate the required IVT mRNA. The proteins and mRNA are separated, transferred from the gel to the cell membrane, and exposed to an antibody detected through chemical tagging.  


Seattle Genova provides an ELISA expression test which stands for enzyme-linked immunoassay. The ELISA test offered by our services is utilized for detecting and purifying mRNA. The assay of ELISA utilizes a solid phase form of enzyme immunoassay to detect the presence of an mRNA in a liquid sample against the sample in which the required target is required. The ELISA could also be in different forms, including a direct and indirect sandwich ELISA.

Fluorescence Microscopy

Seattle Genova utilizes Fluorescence microscopy, which monitors individual biomolecules and the expression and functions of mRNA. Moreover, fluorescence microscopy is used to visually enhance 3d features at a small scale. This process is accomplished by attaching fluorescent tags to antibodies that bind to the targetted parts.    


Seattle Genova believes in the accuracy and integrity of mRNA for proper hence and protein regulation. For that, we provide precise and accurate services for the appropriate code and expression of mRNA and detailed profiling of each analysis test run on each sample.  


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