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Liposome Production Services
Liposomes Production with Injection Technologies

Liposomes Production with Injection Technologies

Seattle Genova has spent years developing liposome technologies, and our extensive experience qualifies us as experts in liposome preparation and manufacturing. Our liposome platform's goal is to provide you with high-quality liposome services ranging from custom liposome production, analysis, and characterization to application.

Liposomes can combine various compound types into their structure due to their inner aqueous core and the amphiphilic aspects of the lipids which form their outer membrane. Their other aspects contributing to their industrial success are their ability to lessen drug toxicity, boost drug circulation lifetime, and accumulate at specific sites. Thus, over the past few years, liposomal drug preparations have been formulated from laboratory research to clinical applications, such as Doxil, Myocet, Visudyne (Allen and Cullis, 2013). Not only the pharmaceutical area advantages from liposomes, but also food and cosmetic industries .

There are two types of injection method.

          I.            Ether Injection Method

A lipid solution is dissolved in ether or a diethyl ether/methanol mixture, which is slowly injected into an aqueous solution of the substance to be encapsulated, in the ether injection method. Liposomes are created when the organic solvent is subsequently removed at lower pressure. The main drawback of the technique is heterogeneous population and the exposure of compounds to be encapsulated to organic solvents or high temperature.

        II.            Ethanol Injection Method

Ethanol injection is one of the techniques repeatedly utilized to create liposomes which favors both simplicity and safety. In the ethanol injection method, a large amount of preheated distilled water or TRIS-HCl buffer is rapidly injected with an ethanolic lipid solution. The hydrophilic/hydrophobic nature of the substance determines whether it will be incorporated into the liposomal vesicle. Compared to 5-fluorouracil, which migrates to the exterior aqueous phase, nimesulide, a lipid soluble component, integrates better in liposomes. The main benefit of ethanol injection method is including of non harmful solvent as ethanol, as well as easy scale up of the technique. The possibility of formation of azeotrope with water lessens its applicability.


Features of our Liposomes Custom Services:

  • Non-toxicity, biocompatible, and completely biodegradable

  • Boosting drug efficacy

  • Site avoidance effect

  • Increasing stability

  • Decreasing the toxicity of drugs

  • Flexibility for active targeting

What Can We Do?

  • Varied types of liposome-based drug delivery systems

  • Controlled/sustained release drug delivery system

  • Pre-formulation, formulation feasibility and prototype development

  • A combination of mature preparation technologies are available

  • Different identification and standardization methods

  • Procedure optimization (experimental design) and aseptic filtration


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