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Liposome Production by Reverse-Phase Evaporation Method

Liposome Production by Reverse-Phase Evaporation Method

Seattle Genova has spent years developing liposome technologies, and our extensive experience qualifies us as experts in liposome preparation and manufacturing. Our liposome platform's goal is to provide you with high-quality liposome services ranging from custom liposome production, analysis, and characterization to application.

This technique advanced liposome technology because it made it possible to create liposomes with a high aqueous space-to-lipid ratio and the ability to entrap a significant portion of the given aqueous material for the first time. The formation of inverted micelles is the foundation of reverse-phase evaporation. These inverted micelles are created by sonicating a mixture of an organic phase, which solubilizes the amphiphilic molecules, and a buffered aqueous phase, which contains the water-soluble molecules that will be contained in the liposomes.These inverted micelles change into a viscous state and gel form as the organic solvent slowly leaves the system. The gel state collapses at a crucial stage in this process, disrupting part of the inverted micelles. Liposomes are produced as a result of the environment's surplus phospholipids forming a full bilayer around any remaining micelles. The aqueous volume-to-lipid ratios of reverse phase evaporation-produced liposomes are four times higher than those of hand-shaken liposomes or multilamellar liposomes, and they may be created from a variety of lipid formulations.

The reverse-phase evaporation method is utilized with the organic solvents such as diethyl ether/isopropyl ether or mixture of diethyl ether and chloroform (1:1 v/v)5 and a mixture of chloroform-methanol (2:1 v/v)21 including phospholipids. The organic phase should be immiscible with aqueous phase, thus an oil/water emulsion is developed. Phosphate buffer saline or citric-Na2HPO4 buffer is added to aqueous phase with aim to enhance the efficiency of   liposome formulations.

The major advantage of the technique is a very high encapsulation rate. The main disadvantage of the technique is the possibility of remaining the solvent in the formulation and it has problems to scale up.

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