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Liposomes Production by Microfluidization Method

Liposomes Production by Microfluidization Method

Seattle Genova has spent years developing liposome technologies and our extensive experience qualify us as experts in liposome preparation and manufacturing. Our liposome platform's goal is to provide you with high-quality liposome services ranging from custom liposome production, analysis, and characterization to application.

Microfluidization is an emerging technology for liposome synthesis, because it facilitates precise control of the lipid hydration procedure. Microfluidization consists of processing emulsions under high pressure through an apparatus named a Microfluidizer®. This apparatus also authorizes the production of another type of lipid vesicle: milkfat-coated microcapsules comprised of milkfat and emulsifiers. 

Microfluidization utilizes the force of two streams of liposome suspension colliding with each other under high pressure to decrease the vesicle size. Uniformly hydrated phospholipid suspension (unsized liposomer) is moved to the reservoir. The liposome suspension is pumped under high pressure through the interaction chamber. In the interaction chamber, the suspension is split into two streams and then recombined at high velocity to create smaller and more uniformly sized liposome vesicles.

According to the dissimilarity in manipulation modes of flow, microfluidics is classified into two classes: continuous-flow microfluidics and digital (droplet-based) microfluidics. In continuous-flow microfluidics, liquid flow is continually manipulated through microfabricated channels, whereas discrete and controllable droplets are used in droplet-based microfluidics. Continuous-flow microfluidic is generally more reasonable for producing nanoparticles.


Advantages and Applications of Microfluidization

  • The major advantages of microfluidization contain the continuous production of large quantities of lipid vesicles without dissolving the phospholipids in organic solvents.

  • Microfluidization produces liposomes with good aqueous phase encapsulation and is reproducible.

  • It can deliver rapid and tunable mixing, a homogenous reaction environments and a high-throughput experimental platform. Thus, it is an attractive technology for a variety of applications in chemical synthesis and biological investigation.

  • Microfluidizer® high shear fluid processors are capable of attaining unparalleled, consistent, dependable and scalable outcomes in the areas of submicron particle size reduction, dispersion, cell rupture and the narrowest particle size distributions.

  • Applications of the microfluidization method also included in the development of different nanodelivery systems.

Service Highlights

•     Varied types of liposome-based drug delivery systems

•     Controlled/sustained release drug delivery system

•     Pre-formulation, formulation feasibility and prototype development

•     A combination of mature preparation technologies are available

•     Different identification and standardization methods

•     Procedure optimization (experimental design) and aseptic filtration



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