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Potency Test of mRNA

Seattle Genova is eager to provide various potency-indicating assays for the regulatory requirement of mRNA release. This potency test proves a critical quality attributed to a vaccine product's stability indicator. In essence, these potency measurements examine the antigen's functional integrity and ensure the retainment of antigen immunocompetence. Hence, various potency tests are required to provide mRNA stability, particularly in the desired immune response. Seattle Genova provides different potency tests to evaluate the quality of mRNA, which enforce efficacy standards.

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova offers various potency test methods for analyzing mRNA response and identity. The potency test ensures the consistent manufacturing of mRNA, which provides a level of protection through its shelf life.

Protective Dose 50 (PD50)

Seattle Genova offers 50% of the protective dose, representing the dose of vaccine comprised of mRNA against different infectious diseases. The protective amount would allow us to analyze the impact of mRNA in various therapies, like the efficacy of vaccines.


Seattle Genova provides an ELISA potency test which stands for enzyme-linked immunoassay. The ELISA test offered by our services is utilized for detecting and purifying mRNA. The assay of ELISA utilizes a solid phase form of enzyme immunoassay to detect the presence of an mRNA in a liquid sample against the sample in which the required target is required. The ELISA could also be in different forms, including a direct and indirect sandwich ELISA. 


Another essential service Seattle Genova provides is PCR, which stands for Polymerase chain reaction. Through the PCR, the copies of mRNA are amplified to billion replicas, which can be studied in greater detail for further research.


Seattle Genova provides novel test platforms which offer efficient, rapid, and accurate potency analysis services. Moreover, we also specialized in customized services for the samples in the study for different purposes. Hence, we provide high-resolution and high-cost performance with precise specificity for the analysis of mRNA.


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