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Air–Liquid Interface Culture For Organoid Production

Air–Liquid Interface Culture For Organoid Production

Seattle Genova offers various organoids cultures techniques with their applicable work models through high precision. We offer precise and state of art customized culture based on integrated quality assurance and quality management. We believe in the competent and cooperative understanding of your demands in organoid culture and thus we offer innovative models of organoid culture including Air–Liquid Interface Culture.

Research Background 

Seattle Genova utilizes organoids extracted from primary tissues (preferably minced) which are embedded inside a collagen gel residing inside a transwell dish. The culture media diffuses through the permeable transwell inside the inner dish and at the top of the collagen layer. Here the culture with a collagen layer is exposed to air in form of Air Liquid interference allowing maximum oxygen supply access. 

Our Service Portfolio      

Air–Liquid Interface Culture organoids for Cancer 

Seattle Genova offers tissue fragments from patient-derived organoids as cancer cells without reconstitution by utilizing native stromal and immune components in Air–Liquid Interface.   

Air–Liquid Interface Culture organoids for Tumors 

The ALI organoids presented by Seattle Genova, are derived from intestinal, stomach, colon, and pancreases and were incorporated in both mesenchymal and epithelial components. Moreover, the ALI organoid is also customized through renal cell carcinoma (RCC), melanoma, non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and mouse tumors to mimic their mechanism of action. Our ALI organoids preserve the complex cellular composition like fibroblast and other endogenous infiltrating immune cells as well as the genetic alteration of original tumors. 

Air–Liquid Interface Culture Organoids for Renal Disruption 

The adaptation of Air–Liquid Interface Culture by Seattle Genova also obtained innovative 3D organotypic cultivation. Through the innovative ALI, the nephron structure with endothelial cell network was obtained in vitro by utilization of induced pluripotent cells.   


  Fig:  Schematic Representation of The Human ALI Organoids (Cao et al., 2021). 


We provide standard customized state-of-the-art air-liquid interference organoids which also oblige the ethical rules. In addition to that, we provide ALI organoid cultures both from healthy and tumor organoid cells. Libraries of customized tumor models are also offered under services.  


Cao, X., Coyle, J. P., Xiong, R., Wang, Y., Heflich, R. H., Ren, B., ... & Rojanasakul, L. (2021). Invited review: human air-liquid-interface organotypic airway tissue models derived from primary tracheobronchial epithelial cells—overview and perspectives. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal, 57(2), 104-132.


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