Antibody Production Services

Antibody Production Services

Seattle Genova is a well-established manufacturer to provide competitive and cost effective custom antibodies to boost your research. Our company produces reliable, cost effective, and field-proven custom antibodies with quick delivery time. Seattle Genova not only offers services of custom antibodies production but also clones and vector production. Custom antibodies includes polyclonal and monoclonal using different hosts; rabbits, rats, mice, goats, sheep, guinea pigs, chickens, and donkeys. Other services are cloning cDNA, ORFs from many species like dog, cat, sheep, cattle, horse, pig, chicken, and duck. 

SpeedyTM Antigen Production Services
SpeedyTM Polyclonal Antibody Production
Seattle Genova is a leading manufacturer of off the shelf and custom antibodies to accelerate your research.
SpeedeeTM Molecular Biology Services
Seattle Genova is pleased to offer an expanded and cost-effective molecular cloning services to boost your veterinary research.
SpeedeeTM Monoclonal Antibody Production
Seattle Genova offers custom monoclonal antibody development services using hybridoma technology.
Cynomolgus Monkey Cross-reactive Antibody Development Service
Our Antibody Services Group has an extended culture of partnering with people in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic fields in researches including therapeutic antibody lead generation, diagnostic reagent development, and the improvement of novel

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