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Applications Of Organoid Culture

Applications Of Organoid Culture

Seattle Genova provides various organoids culture techniques, which are either state-of-the-art preparations or customized per the demand of the customer. The organoids we offer are amenable and physiologically relevant to molecular analysis, which has a great impact the basic as well as translational applications. The applications of organoid cultures have been extensively used in various fields, a few of them are enumerated below.

Genomic Studies 

Organoid in combination with 3D has opened various path for genetic screening and other functional genomic applications including flow-based genetic screening and transfection. 

Developmental Biology 

The embryonic stage, tissue hemostasis, and specific lineage are studied through organoids that were derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) and Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC). These organoids retain the features of developmental stages and shed light on the developmental stages of stem cells and their corresponding niches.  

Regenerative Medicines

The damaged organ or tissue could be replaced by the transplantation of organoids. These organoids are derived or extracted from an adult stem cell. Moreover, monogenic hereditary diseases can also be treated by CRISPR/Cas9 technology with the collaboration of organoid techniques.

Drug Assays

The potential RNAi therapeutics provide various 3D models for flow-based strategies in tumor-based organoids.

Drug Toxicity

Drug efficacy and toxicity testing on the animal could be reduced by utilizing human organoids like kidney organoids used for testing the nephrotoxicity of cisplatin (Takasato et al.,2015).  

Personalized Medicine

Adult stem cell-derived organoids are used for ex vivo analysis and testing of drug response toward certain tissues or the human body. Various tumor organoids are implored to check the efficacy of drugs before their usage.

Pathology for Infectious Diseases

The organoids provide all the components of the organ which can be studied for infectious diseases influencing immune cell types of humans.


The microbead-based organoids have allowed researchers to perform multi-omics analysis for carcinogenesis and organoid development.  


Seattle Genova offers all the applicable organoids with precise functionality and standard quality.   

Takasato, M., Er, P. X., Chiu, H. S., Maier, B., Baillie, G. J., Ferguson, C., ... & Little, M. H. (2015). Kidney organoids from human iPS cells contain multiple lineages and model human nephrogenesis. Nature, 526(7574), 564-568.

Organoids For Disease Modeling
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Organoids For Toxicology Testing
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Organoids For Regenerative Medicine Research
Seattle Genova offers multiple organoids technologies which are derived from primary tissues and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC).
Organoids For Preclinical Disease Modelling
Seattle Genova offers organoids that make them suitable for biobanking and preclinical disease modeling.
Organoids For Developmental Biology Research
Seattle Genova provides valuable information on the mechanisms of human development and or generation through the organoid formation.
Drug Screening With Organoids
Seattle Genova provides patient-derived organoids which exhibit and predicts the treatment responses as well as drug toxicity testing.

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