Protein Production Services
Bioactive™ Custom Cell Surface Receptors

Bioactive™ Custom Cell Surface Receptors

Seattle Genova looks to partner with researchers and scientists around the globe to advance the scientific knowledge. Scientists face multifaceted problems in their research work, and we have tailored solutions for them. We provide services of custom protein production through industry’s gold standards. We have experts with years of experience working diligently to create a protein that fit their customer’s needs. Making protein by following customer’s specifications through high-end protocols. So far, we have produced multiple proteins for research work. Our services guarantee the delivery of pure and high yield products in most cost-effective and flexible manner in less time.

Proteins are highly specific for their function, and they work differently in different environments. Their structure and environment impact their bioactivity. Researchers need tailor-made proteins to meet their research needs. For producing custom proteins varies biological techniques are used. Sequence analysis, DNA synthesis, DNA extraction, cloning, gene expression, protein extraction, purification and bioassays are some of the techniques that are employed. SDS-PAGE and Western blotting is used to analyze the custom protein.

Our custom protein production starts with sequence analysis followed by codon optimization, synthesis of analyzed sequence to make a DNA template. The desired gene is inserted into the most suitable expression system i.e., E. coli, insect, or a mammalian cell. N-terminal and C-terminal are chosen for protein secretion and affinity purification. DNA sequencing confirms the recombinant construct. The plasmid cDNA after extraction from the cell is transfected into any of the expression system. After purification the protein is assessed through SDS-PAGE and/or Western blot. The bioactivity of the custom protein is analyzed. After ensuring the full functionality of the custom protein, we delivery it with complete quality control data.

We produce custom proteins with stringent quality. The bioactivity of our custom proteins is like the natural proteins. We design protein specified protocols to obtain maximum yield and results. Our Codon optimization service ensure maximum yield of protein for most difficult sequence. We synthesize your target gene, optimize protein expression and purify from any available expression system. We work in fast and simple, cost-effective prokaryotic (E. coli) to more complex proteins (Eukaryotic) expression systems. Controlled synthesis of protein and testing on each step enables the production of highly purified protein. We work through optimized experimental parameters to lessen the risk of project failures. Our custom produced proteins have an industry leading ˂0.1 EU/ug level of endotoxin. We develop special bioassays to validate the activity of produced protein. We also provide protein expression and production from micrograms to kilograms, without compromising bioactivity, on your request. Multiple lots are produced with similar specifications, and each lot is tested with the existing lots to ensure unmatched consistency. For long term storage, without impacting the mass or bioactivity, your protein is delivered in lyophilized form.

Standard quality control data including SDS-PAGE, Western Blot and bioactivity validation data are dispatched to you. We also so deliver purified protein for assessment.


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