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Bioactive™ Custom Enzymes Production Service

Bioactive™ Custom Enzymes Production Service

Seattle Genova offers the custom production of many biological products on your request. We are leading in enzyme production with experienced researchers and scientists. We provide you tailor-made solutions to meet your research needs. We work to provide you the highest quality and quantity custom enzymes. A wide range of enzymes are present to select from or provide your own gene of interest to make your custom enzyme. Our custom enzyme production service will save your time and money.

Technology at our service

Enzymes are necessary for clinical diagnostics, molecular biology, cellular and protein analysis. Different types of enzymes are required for different use. Not all enzymes are easily available so some of them are custom produced. We are here to make custom enzymes for you. 

We utilize applications including PCR, Real Time-PCR, cDNA synthesis, Next Generation Sequencing, Cloning and gene expression. Different separation and purification techniques are used. Bioassays are utilized to check the quality and working of custom enzymes. We use expression vectors, fusion tags, cell strains and induction systems. Enzymes are custom produced according to your need, let it be commercial, food, therapeutic or consumer good.

Custom Enzyme Production Workflow


Service Highlights

We ensure the highest quality of our product with high level of activity. It gives you the high production yield. We observe the standard operating procedures and QC during production of your enzymes. We can make enzymes of all sizes, single of multi-subunit, tagged or untagged, everything according to your need at the most reasonable price. We can deliver any polymerases, reverse transcriptases, RNase inhibitors, or any other enzymes that you need. We also deliver you the stepwise QC data so that you can ensure the purity and productivity of your custom enzyme. Enzymes are exclusively made for you because you are the priority.  


We deliver custom active soluble enzyme with QC data and specifications. The custom enzyme quantity is specified by you. We deliver it in liquid or granulated form. It can be in lyophilized or non-lyophilized form. It all depends on your requirements. 

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