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Bioactivetm Custom Interleukin Production Service

Bioactivetm Custom Interleukin Production Service

Seattle Genova is the leading company for manufacturing a wide variety of custom products on your requirements. We prepare custom interleukins with the help of experienced scientists to give you the best product. We can provide the high purity products per your needs. Our custom interleukin production service is time saving and give you ease in your research work. Our laboratories are designed for manufacturing all types of custom products. You can complete your work efficiently and economically by choosing our service.

Technology at our service

Interleukin are used for the clinical research, signal transduction, oncology, stem cell research, drug development, immunology, angiogenesis. So, to fulfill the need of interleukins, we prepare high quality custom interleukin. We have introduced the recombinant technology to made different types of interleukins in large quantity. The advantage of using interleukin is the relatively simple mode of action (MOD). We offer cell-based assay which enable us to the study and target interleukins. Our assays are simple and have quick protocol, they have high matrix tolerance and high reproducibility.

Service highlights

Seattle Genova is here to cater your needs. The quality of the products is never compromised. The scientists keenly observe the standard operating procedures and QC during the preparation of your products. Our products have high biological activity to get more results with lesser amount of product that helps you to save money. You set your own quantity of the custom product and we provide it with maximum quality and bioactivity. We work until we have reached your goal because our customers are our priority.

What we deliver?

Our products are 95% gel purified which is delivered in wet ice with QC data and specifications that are valid for the cell culture. Our products are carrier free and are in lyophilized form.


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