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Bioactive™ Custom Mitochondria Protein Production Service

Bioactive™ Custom Mitochondria Protein Production Service

Seattle Genova is at your service for high quality custom protein production. We are here to produce any protein that you want. We can produce mitochondrial proteins for your research studies. We are the only company to make custom mitochondria proteins for you. Our experienced scientists utilize their expertise to produce and deliver you bioactive mitochondria protein in the highest quality. There is a wide variety of mitochondrial proteins to choose from. Just give us the necessary details and get your custom mitochondrial protein in least time and budget.

Technology at work

Mitochondrion is the driving force of the cell. It produces chemical energy through oxidative phosphorylation and function in electron transport, fatty acid metabolism, and tricarboxylic acid cycle. It also plays a vital role in assembly of iron-sulfur clusters and other anabolic and catabolic reactions. It is semi-autonomous as it has its own DNA. Some of its proteins are made by its own DNA and other mitochondrial proteins are synthesized in the cytosol which are then transported to the mitochondria after post-transcriptional and post-translational modification. Its function is also supported by nuclear-encoded proteins that are exported to mitochondria from cytoplasm. Mitochondria proteins are required for varies research purposes. Seattle Genova has all the resources for producing mitochondria proteins. The protein is manufactured through efficient and advanced biotechnologies. We employ sequencing techniques, cloning, PCR, chromatographic techniques, and other relevant technologies to produce mitochondria proteins.

Workflow of the Service

We follow an optimized protocol to produce the mitochondria protein to ensure the highest yield and purity. 


Service Highlights

Seattle Genova has years of experience in custom protein production. We have multiple expression systems and complete toolbox for your custom protein. We provide faster service and have high success rate. We provide micrograms to grams of our custom proteins. We produce our products for therapeutic, food industry, research, and many other uses. We provide highest standard products with the best affordable prices. We provide quality control data of each step so that you have all information.


Seattle Genova delivers you the purified bioactive mitochondria protein. The QC report is also given along with the protein. It is dispatched according to your requirements.

Make your quote

To have your mitochondria protein just request the quote, and if you have any query feel free to contact, we will entertain all your queries.


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