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BioActive™ Cytokine Production Service

BioActive™ Cytokine Production Service

Seattle Genova’s BioActiveTM is a platform dedicated to research, progression, and career development with extensive expertise in the sustainable manufacturing of cytokines for numerous biological research. We are offering comprehensive solutions that enable partners to find, create, and produce immunotherapy through ideation to market for the advantage of consumers throughout the world. 

Cytokines are compulsory for an effective immune response and the communication of lymphocytes, inflammatory cells, and hematopoietic cells. Helper T cells (Th cells) and macrophages are the two main makers of cytokines, which affect both innate and adaptive immune responses.

Chemokines, interferons (IFN-alfa, IFN-beta, IFN-gamma), interleukins (IL-2, IL-7, IL-12, and IL-21, ), and lymphokines are different types of cytokines. Cytokines and different types are used to treat cancer. Host cells produce interferons in response to any pathogen or virus. Chemokine receptors belong to G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs). Chemokines is used to produce the movement of cells, immunological reactions and in homeostasis of the immune system.

Our workflow of cytokine production

Phase 1: Gene synthesis

We perform gene sequences and codon optimization for the desired expression system. A DNA template is created by generating the desired sequences. 

Phase 2: Gene cloning

For expression in mammalian, insect, or E. coli cells, the genetic material is cloned into vectors. There are many options for N-terminal signal peptides for protein secretion and N- or C-terminal tags for protein affinity purification. DNA sequencing indicates the recombinant construct.

Phase 3: Pilot-scale gene expression

SDS-PAGE and/or western blotting are used to evaluate the target protein in the cell lysate and supernatant using an anti-tag antibody. 

Phase 4: Bioactivity Testing

To confirm that the proteins we created are active, we can create bioassays.

Phase 5: Large-scale gene expression and purification

To transfect the expression vectors into 2 liters of E, endotoxin-free plasmid extract kits are used to prepare them. The target protein is purified using affinity chromatography following the cell culture phase.

Phase 6: Bulk production (optional)

Large-scale gene expression and purification based on the customer's desired amount of purified protein.



SDS-PAGE, WB, and the bioactivity validation data are sent to our customers. The purified proteins are also shipped to our customers for them to test internally.

The customer is sent all the protein purified in some phases.

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