Protein Production Services
BioActive™ Diagnostic Protein Production Services

BioActive™ Diagnostic Protein Production Services

Seattle Genova has comprehensive experience in generating recombinant proteins for research and drug discovery needs. We give complete services from gene cloning and synthesis to protein characterization. Each project is formulated with checkpoints that can give you decision-informing data before proceeding to the next step. We are dedicated to enabling maximize the success rate of your research project. We have developed very specialized protocols to make sure the produced proteins will maintain their biological activities. And our well-developed bioassays can ensure comprehensive activity validations before we release the proteins.

Diagnostic can detect the disease, conditions, or infections and is quickly becoming the key health care. Diagnostic test samples contain blood, body fluids and tissues. According to the diagnostic medical inspection items can be distributed into biochemical diagnosis, immune diagnosis, blood diagnosis, microbiology diagnosis and molecular diagnosis of clinical diagnostic products. Diagnostic methods can be utilized for the diagnosis and prevention of disease. Diagnosis plays a significant role in the diagnosis of disease, treattment of disease and surveillance of disease. It can give reliable methods to assess the situation of several diseases.

Different Diagnostic Proteins

Human diagnostic proteins

Mouse diagnostic proteins

Rat diagnostic proteins

Diagnostic proteins from other species 

Protein Expression Systems

Mammalian Expression

E.coli Expression

Insect Expression

Protein Purification Process

Protein purification is crucial for the characterization of the function, structure, and interactions of proteins.The expression vectors are prepared with endotoxin free plasmid extract kits and are transfected into 2 liters of E. coli or 500 ml of mammalian or insect suspension cells. After the cell culture period, the target protein is purified via affinity chromatography. The concentration and purity of the purified protein are determined utilizing a bicinchoninic acid (BCA) assay and SDS-PAGE with Coomassie blue staining, respectively. The protein is desalted into 0.2 µm filtered 1x phosphate-buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4. The protein can then be aliquoted, lyophilized, and labeled upon request.

Bulk production (optional)

Large-scale gene expression and purification based on the customer's desired quantity of purified protein.

Additional Services

Endotoxin Removal : Each new production lot of protein is assessed for endotoxin utilizing the Limulus Amoebocyte Lysates (LAL) assay. Our basic endotoxin specification is an industry-leading <0.1 EU/ug.

Why Work With Us?

Our developed protein expression optimization technology maximizes the yield and purity of the proteins to tailored to your desires. Our one-stop service covers every step from gene cloning to protein purification comprising downstream processing steps, such as protein desalting, lyophilization, vialing, and conjugation to tags, fluors, or other labels. We ensure the delivery of proteins of desired quantity and purity.




WB data

Bioactivity Validation data

Purified protein


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