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BioActive™ Transcription Factors Production Service

BioActive™ Transcription Factors Production Service

Seattle Genova is the best platform for the production of transcription factors. We provide high-throughput transcription factor manufacturing for structural solutions, biophysical research, and medical testing. Every step of the way, we provide quality control information to confirm the effectiveness and integrity of each particular transcription factor.

Transcription factors (TFs) are proteins that translate the information in the genome and express an accurate and unique set of proteins and RNA molecules in all cells of our body. BACH2, Bcl-6, IRF8, IRF4, Blimp-1, Pax-5, SPI1, STAT5,and XBP-1s are different transcription factors.

How Do Transcription Factors Work

To begin transcription, RNA polymerase must bind to the promoter and identify it.DNA is bound by a transcription factor at a specific target sequence. The transcription factor alters how easy or difficult RNA polymerase finds it to bind to the gene's promoter. Transcription factors (like all proteins) are transcribed from a gene on a chromosome into RNA, and then the RNA is translated into protein.

The transcription factor binding site is called either the enhancer or silencer. If they bind to the enhancers they activate the gene expression and are known as activators. Repressors are transcription factors that attach to silencers and decrease the expression of genes. Repressors stop RNA polymerases and/or basal transcription factors from attaching to the promoter.

Helix-turn-helix ,helix-loop-helix ,zinc finger (e.g. glucocorticoid receptors, GATA proteins),basic protein-leucine zipper ,activator protein-1,β-sheet motifs are different families of transcription factors. In prokaryotes, RNA polymerase  binds to the promoter region. However, Basal Transcriptional factors are used for the activity of RNA polymerase enzyme in eukaryotes.


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Strong expertise in transcription factors production

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Any transcription factors manufacturing project can be completed very fast.

Good quality, Yields, concentrations, and purity.

Client’s satisfaction

Accuracy guaranteed

lower and reasonable cost 


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