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Bladder Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova offers human bladder organoids for the development of novel therapeutics. These bladder organoids culture models for the bladder epithelium and longer-term culture systems of the standard and efficient culture system of human bladder cancer cells. Our 3D bladder organoids provide a source of deep analysis and research of prostate-related cancers and a medium for fully grown in vivo bladder and related biology conditions, including homeostasis, tumorigenesis, and drug discovery. Hence, we offer bladder organoids as an emerging field and summarize the current application through disease modeling, tissue regeneration, and drug screening. Seattle Genova provides human bladder organoids that closely mimic the standard bladder architecture in vivo and allow for more complex studies.

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Our Human bladder cancer organoids are derived efficiently from resected tumors and biopsies and cultured and passaged for prolonged periods.


Fig. Tumor Evolution and Drug Response in Patient-Derived Organoid Models of Bladder Cancer (Wang et al., 2017). 

Organoids from Urothelial Cells

Seattle Genova provides bladder organoids from urothelial cells for establishing a malignant urothelium multilayer culture system. By exposing the culture of urothelial cells, these organoids recapitulated spatial organization and features of the native urothelium. 

Organoids from Cancer Stem Cells 

Seattle Genova provides human bladder organoids culture system to propagate bladder cancer stem cells. These organoids initiate tumor growth, are responsible for metastasis formation, and form spheres in vitro culture. Thus, our organoids are to propagate and investigate cancer stem cells in vitro. 

Organoids Derived from Pluripotent Stem Cells

Seattle Genova offers intestinal organoids, established from undifferentiated cells by differentiating human pluripotent stem cells to definitive endoderm and initiation of bladder specifications, then into 3D culture bladder organoids. The primary tissue-derived organoids are embedded in a Matrigel dome and further incubated in a cell cultures medium, promoting their differentiation to the partial maturation of organoids.  


Seattle Genova provides human bladder organoids seeded in microfluidic systems, which allow for greater complexity of experimental models of the human body. Moreover, we give genetic tumors, tumor characterization, tumor treatment, and chemotherapy analysis through bladder organoids. 


Wang, S., Gao, D., & Chen, Y. (2017). The potential of organoids in urological cancer research. Nature Reviews Urology, 14(7), 401-414.


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