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Brain Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova provides brain organoids which are hPSC (Human pluripotent stem cells)-derived organoids that self-assemble to form an organized architecture composed of progenitor, neuronal and glial cell types, resembling the human fetal brain. Our service recapitulates the human brain at the cellular level and in terms of general tissue structure and developmental trajectory, therefore providing a unique opportunity to model human brain development and function, which are often inaccessible to direct experimentation. In the past few years, tremendous breakthroughs have been made in brain organoid technologies. Organoid technologies provide an accessible system to examine the cellular composition, interactions, and organization in the developing human brain. Seattle Genova devotes to the rapid advances in brain organoid technologies which can open new avenues for a better understanding of human brain development, function, evolution, and disorders.

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Even subtle abnormalities lead to neurological dysfunction. Our products can help inspect the formation of distinct cortical neuronal layers, gyrification, and the establishment of complex neuronal circuitry, which shed some light on investigating human neurodevelopment and disease.


Fig: Recent methodological advances in brain organoids (Shou et al., 2020).

Brain organoids from Pluripotent Stem Cells

We harness the self-organization capability of Pluripotent Stem Cells to mimic the cytoarchitecture and developmental trajectories found in vivo. And we can offer both unguided and guided brain organoids according to the demands. The choice between guided and unguided methodologies will depend on the specific focus of the customized investigation. These methods account for limited product purification steps and factors such as product neutralization before use.

Brain organoids from Oligodendrocyte progenitor cell

Seattle Genova provides the application of new technology to assure the brain organoids with a complex vascular-like network in hCOs. Our brain organoids can generate various types of RGs and neurons to investigate the development and maturation of neuronal functionalities during embryonic stages in vivo. By producing interneurons, astrocytes, and OPCs, the brain organoids recapitulate the cellular diversity of the cerebral cortex. Enriching OPCs and oligodendrocytes to generate oligo-cortical spheroids with myelination creates the myelinating glia of the central nervous system.


Seattle Genova provides modeling of neurodevelopmental brain disorders, particularly successful for recapitulating disease-related phenotypes. Moreover, we offer organoids derived from microcephaly patients with mutations in mitosis-associated genes and deletion of the tumor-suppressor gene PTEN in hPSCs to help our clients research those diseases mentioned above. Combined with genetic manipulations using viral vectors or electroporation, organoids also provide an accessible model with which to specifically probe the function of one protein or pathway and to investigate the underlying molecular mechanisms of diseases


Shou, Y., Liang, F., Xu, S., & Li, X. (2020). The application of brain organoids: from neuronal development to neurological diseases. Frontiers in cell and developmental biology, 8, 579659.


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