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Breast Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova provides breast organoids that accurately recapitulate the in vivo breast microenvironment. Our services have examined the various factors affecting gene expression, signaling transduction, and tissue remodeling. The utility of our breast organoids includes multiple mammary gland development and tumorigenesis. Hence our 3D breast organoids can mimic the breast environment to regulate the diagnosis and analysis of breast tumors.     

Seattle Genova Services

Our services provide breast organoids to treat common malignancies in women worldwide. Our services offer a wide range of breast organoids to improve quality of life.  


Fig. Practical Applications of Breast Organoids (Dekkers et al.,2021)

Organoids Derived from Normal Mammary Epithelial Stem Cells

Seattle Genova derives breast organoids from the mammary epithelial cells from the fresh human breast tissue. This organoid system entails the stem cell differentiation and passage of the 3D organoid culture. These cells are mixed with the Matrigel to enhance its functionality of genetic mutations. Moreover, the epithelial cell could help the epidermal growth factor or fibroblast growth factor and molecular inhibitors, which help tumor cells proliferate in vitro, and other regulators of signaling pathways are added to generate growth and differentiation of organoids.

Organoids Derived from Human-Induced Pluripotent Cells 

Seattle Genova utilizes human induced pluripotent cells iPSCs derived breast organoids because these cells differentiate into mammary-like organoids. Our services of breast organoid expressed common breast markers, which includes estrogen receptor and induced to produce various milk proteins. In addition, the mature mammary gland would contain epithelia and other vascular cells, which have an essential role in synthesizing growth factors that supports the survival of epithelial cells. 


Seattle Genova services offer breast organoids that have significant utility in understanding the mammary gland and breast tumor development. Hence, we can customize your order according to your research demand. Our Breast organoids will continue to serve as a crucial platform for understanding the progression of tumors and testing novel therapeutics.


Dekkers, J. F., van Vliet, E. J., Sachs, N., Rosenbluth, J. M., Kopper, O., Rebel, H. G., ... & Rios, A. C. (2021). Long-term culture, genetic manipulation and xenotransplantation of human normal and breast cancer organoids. Nature protocols, 16(4), 1936-1965.


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