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Bulk Gene Expression Analysis For Organoids

Bulk Gene Expression Analysis For Organoids

Seattle Genova provides a genome-wide perspective of gene expression in whole organoids in form of bulk gene expression analysis. The heterogeneity within the organoids has provided a bulk method to obscure the diversity of cell types. The bulk gene expression by our services enabled the researchers to have coarse insight into organoids' integral and neurogenic programs.

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Single Guide RNA

Seattle Genova utilizes transduced single organoid cell suspension with the utilization of a single guide RNA (sgRNA) library to perform genome-wide screening. The sgRNA library is engineered through bulk sequencing of organoids and accounts for heterogeneous growth because organoids would originate clonally from single cells. 

CRISPR-UMI And Pre-Screening Technology

Another approach that Seattle Genova utilizes for bulk gene expression is CRISPR-UMI and pre-screening technology. In these technologies, the pre-screening of various tumor cell lines is done for heterogenous organoid growth and the differences in the functionality of sgRNA within the colonial organoids. Many preliminary screenings with tumor suppressor genes are usually prone to false positives because of the heterogeneity of organoid growth.  Hence the sgRNA is specifically paired with the organoids allowing the identification of single cell-derived clones through the CRISPR-UMI method.

Single-Cell RNA Sequencing

Another important bulk gene analysis method utilized by Seattle Genova services is single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq). The scRNA-seq is used to dissect and compare the composition of the cell which is a progenitor to the lineage of neurons in human cerebral organoids as well as in the fetal neocortex.  The covariations of these networks unveiled many unidentified interactions among central to neural progenitor proliferation and neuronal differentiations inside the organoids. The human cerebral organoids utilize cortical cells as gene expression programs which are similar to the fetal tissue to organize inside the cerebral cortex-like regions. The single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) illuminates the genetic features of human cortical development studied in organoid cultures. 


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