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Cationic Nanoemulsion Production For mRNA Delivery

Cationic Nanoemulsion Production For mRNA Delivery

Cationic nanoemulsion (CNE) is an extremely powerful non-viral delivery system to effectively deliver therapeutic mRNA. Moreover, it could enhance the transfection of nucleic acids and has been evaluated as one hybrid vector for delivering self-amplifying mRNA vaccines. As an undoubted leader in mRNA services, Seattle Genova offers services for mRNA synthesis & modification & shipping with our unparalleled, multiplexed mRNA platform. We now provide one-of-a-kind alternatives for powerful mRNA delivery, together with lipid-based vectors, polymer-based vectors, and hybrid vectors to protect mRNA from degradation through extracellular RNases. Our scientists have advanced multiple mRNA delivery productions, every designed for unique features and optimized for therapeutic product desires, based on the intended application and path of delivery to fulfill particular demands. Our mRNA delivery method can make certain the right delivery of the RNA to the targeted site of action. In addition to product improvement and mRNA complexation offerings, we additionally offer one-stop mRNA offerings, increasing from mRNA synthesis, modification, delivery, and stability check to different downstream application offerings to accelerate the development of your mRNA project.

Composition of CNEs

An alternative non-viral delivery system based on a cationic nanoemulsion (CNE). It is one of the types of hybrid vectors. CNE binds to the self-amplifying RNA, enhances its delivery, and thereby substantially increases the potency of the vaccine. CNEs are particularly composed of 2 parts: 

1.The cationic lipid DOTAP (1,2-dioleoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine) that may be introduced to the oil phase to bind the mRNA electrostatically.

2.The emulsion adjuvant MF59 this is an oil-in-water emulsion together with squalene and surfactants.

This mixture can efficiently deliver self-amplifying mRNA and elicit immune responses as powerful as the ones induced through viral vectors in mice, rabbits, and non-human primates.




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