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Custom Circular RNA Production

Custom Circular RNA Production

Circular RNAs (circRNAs) are a novel class of RNAs distinguished by their single-stranded, covalently-closed topology. Stability against exonucleases is an overarching feature of circRNAs. Highly stable RNAs could be valuable in cases where the agent must be administered less frequently, or in smaller doses, which would also minimize non-specific side effects. circRNAs are 2-5 times more stable than linear RNAs. 


Our method of circRNA synthesis in vitro is ligating the ends of linear RNA precursor to produce a covalently closed circle. The advantage of chemical synthesis is that the 5′ monophosphate can be directly introduced during the synthesis process for future cyclization. Chemical ligation is realized by using cyanogen bromide (BrCN) or 1-ethyl-3-(3′-dimethylaminopropyl) carbodiimide to link DNA-RNA hybrids. However, limited by the high cost of purification and low yield, chemical synthesis can only produce RNA of less than 50 to 70 nucleotides in length.


Enzymatic strategy is the primary linear RNA synthesis method we are offering. Enzymatic strategy is usually realized through an in vitro transcription (IVT) which allows for longer RNA synthesis at a lower cost. Scientists at Seattle Genova has developed our proprietary technology for circRNA sequence design. With our unique circRNA design technology, we were able to demonstrate nearly complete circularization of precursor RNAs containing an internal ribosome entry site (IRES) for translation initiation and a coding region such as erythropoietin or eGFP. Our previous study found that translation from our optimized circRNA was robust, and circRNA protein expression stability far exceeded that of both unmodified and nucleoside modified linear mRNA. 


Competitive Advantages

  • Highly Customizable: Flexible synthesis scales, various modification types, and diversified delivery forms to meet your customized requirements.

  • Excellent Stability: Each batch of synthetic products is strictly purified by HPLC in the RNase-free environment to avoid RNase contamination in the whole process.

  • High quality: Reliable lab report with timely updates.

  • Technical Support: Professional team provides you with comprehensive pre-sale consultation, order design, and after-sales service to ensure the products deliver smoothly.

  • Cost-Effective: Competitive prices and short turnaround time.


1.Synthesized circRNA from 10 ug to milligram scale

2.QC Report


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