In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services
Custom mRNA Synthesis

Custom mRNA Synthesis

Messenger RNAs (mRNAs) are a fast-emerging class of biologics. At Seattle Genova we have a wide range of experience in supplying clients with mRNA products at the appropriate quality level for each program stage. Our proprietary mRNA synthesis technology achieves highly efficient and economical co-transcriptional capping, and we offer numerous post-transcriptional modifications, including DNase and phosphatase treatments, enzymatic capping, and polyadenylation. Additionally, you can select from a variety of purification options, including silica gel purification, liquid chromatography isolation, and high-performance liquid chromatography.



  • High quality products and services at competitive prices

  • Custom tailored support to meet specific application or program needs

  • Wide variety of modification, treatment, and purification options

  • Affordable custom synthesis up to gram scales of mRNA and long RNA (multiple kilobases)

  • In-house plasmid manufacturing optimized for therapeutic mRNA production


DNA plasmid production for mRNA synthesis

mRNA synthesis starts with plasmid design and production. Plasmids are produced in bacterial cultures, then harvested and purified.

In-vitro transcription (IVT)

In vitro transcription is a procedure that allows for template-directed synthesis of RNA molecules of any sequence from short oligonucleotides to those of several kilobases in μg to mg quantities. It is based on the engineering of a template that includes a bacteriophage promoter sequence (e.g. from the T7 coliphage) upstream of the sequence of interest followed by transcription using the corresponding RNA polymerase. 

mRNA purification

mRNA purification removes enzymes, remaining nucleotides, plasmid DNA, and defective mRNA. New emerging technologies like Fibro chromatography, currently available for mAb purification, are in development for molecules such as DNA plasmids and mRNA.


mRNA encapsulation and polishing

The purified mRNA-based therapeutic is formulated in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) as a drug delivery vehicle. Core chromatography can be used to further remove impurities.

QC Release and Stability Testing

  • RNA content by UV-Vis

  • Purity by IRRP HPLC

  • Residual DNA by RT-qPCR

  • Residual protein by MS

  • Potency by cell-free translation

  • Endotoxin and residuals measurements

  • Sequencing


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