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Custom Organoid Culture Service: The Technologies

Custom Organoid Culture Service: The Technologies

Seattle Genova provides the services of organoids cultures and its various applicable work models, with high precision. We offer precise and state of art customized culture and related reagents which are based on integrated quality assurance and quality management. We believe in the competent and cooperative understanding of your demands in organoids culture and we believe to deliver your specification with utmost accuracy. We take responsibility for not only your product but also for the highest quality.


Organoids Cultures

Organoids are the 3D cell aggregates that are usually extracted or derived from stem cells or primary tissues. These tissues exhibit organ functionality with a full set of self-organization and self-renewal. Moreover, they have benefits over the existing culture models as they are the closest to the in-vivo conditions. Additionally, they are used in a small population of self-renewal stem cells which in return differentiate into cell lineages in particular physiological conditions. They can manipulate the gene sequence and niche in their working models. Another advantage of organoids was that they can be cryopreserved and can be used on the requirement.

Organoid Culture Technologies

Seattle Genova provides a wide set of organoids culture technologies, which are listed below


Submerged Matrigel Culture

Seattle Genova provides a Submerged Matrigel Culture system in which the culture medium is intermixed with the dome or flat gel of 3D Matrigel. For the culture, we obtain tumor cells extracted from tumor tissues, which are then dissolved and disassociated with an enzyme to mix them with Matrigel.  


Air–Liquid Interface Culture

Seattle Genova offers Air-liquid interface cell culture (ALI), which closely imitates human respiratory tract epithelia. ALI utilizes endogenous stromal components which recapitulate the tumor microenvironment.

Microfluidic 3D Culture

Seattle Genova offers organs on a chip platform as microfluid organoids which are micro-engineered. These models recapitulate on 3D tissue structure which combines with in vivo and in vitro models.  Additionally, the microfluidic technique utilizes monodispersed picolitre size beads to encapsulate organoid cells in hydrogel beads. 

Organoid Coculture 

Seattle Genova also provides co-cultures of organoid and immune cells to evaluate the potential of desired immunotherapies and reactivity of T-cell receptor (TCR) cells and target gene expression of tumor organoids.


We provide high throughput evaluations along with faster results. In addition to that, we provide organoid cultures both from healthy and tumor organoid cells. Libraries of customized tumor models are also offered under services. 

Submerged Matrigel Culture For Organoid Production
​Seattle Genova offers innovative organoid culture techniques, to assist in modern diagnostics.
Air–Liquid Interface Culture For Organoid Production
Seattle Genova offers various organoids cultures techniques with their applicable work models through high precision.
Microfluidic 3D Culture For Organoid Production
Seattle Genova provides 3D culture organoids that are physiologically relevant to basic and clinical applications.

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