Custom Protein Labeling Services

Custom Protein Labeling Services

Seattle Genova’s custom protein labelling service combines years of conjugation know-how with a large choice of labels, inclusive of fluorescent dyes, phycobiliproteins, and enzymes, in conjunction with a desire of labeling chemistries, which are achieved via way of means of exceptionally professional labelling expert teams. Labeling molecules encompass biotin, isotope, horseradish peroxidase (HRP), and fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC). Seattle Genova offers conjugation offerings for each study and industrial use. Include Seattle Genova labeling offerings together along with your custom antibody manufacturing for streamlined processing, or even price savings. 


Protein labeling is a vital method to beneficial aid the detection or isolation and purification of a protein. Labeled antibodies are an essential gadget in applications of natural research and diagnostics, which includes western blots, enzyme-associated immunosorbent assay (ELISA), immunofluorescence (IF), and immunohistochemistry (IHC). Protein labeling refers to the use of the best molecular labels to facilitate the detection or purification of a labeled protein and its binding partners. Reporter enzymes (which includes HRP) can be linked to antibodies or proteins using unique coupling chemistries to make certain the maximum retention of activity of every enzyme and the protein. Non-enzymatic biotin, isotopes, and FITC can be coupled to precise antibodies, proteins, and peptides as a manner of signal generation. With a comprehensive selection of antibodies and labels, Seattle Genova delivers directly conjugated antibodies with the required specificity and consistency to take you seamlessly from R&D through to manufacturing and clinical applications.

Seattle Genova can provide entire labeling offerings to meet our customers' specific desires, such as:

  • Fluorescent dyes

FITC, PE and APC are greatly used for Multiplex imaging and flow cytometry-primarily based applications.

  • Enzymes 

Like Biotin and HRP are excellent for Immunohistochemistry strategies and ELISA-primarily based assays. 

  • Oligonucleotides 

DNA barcoded antibodies are used for Immuno-PCR, proximity ligation assay (PLA), multiplex tissue imaging, multi-omics single cell analysis (e.g, CITE-Seq), and Feature Barcoding from 10x Genomics.

  • Gold nanoparticles 

Are extensively used with inside the improvement of lateral flow assays. Our technology gives excessive high-satisfactory and reproducible conjugates to exceptional gold nanoparticle sizes.

  • PEG labeling 

Is done by PEGylation and PEG-modification proteins and peptides through primary amines and sulhydryl groups. Theses reagents help in increasing and lengthen stability and immunogenicity. These are used in research related to molecular biology and proteomics.

  • Drug labeling 

Is produced by the conjugation of antibody and drug with the help of thiols, amines, alcohols, aldehydes, and azides. These are ideal for improving properties of therapy drugs (small molecules, peptides, proteins, or polynucleotides).

  • Peptide labeling 

Is the conjugation of peptide with the fluorescent, chemiluminescent, or chromogenic enzyme substrates. These types of labels are used in the research of peptides and protein chemistry.

  • Agarose labeling 

Is formed by the custom coating by combining protein, peptide, and antibodies with agarose (membranes, gel matrix and beads). These are best for biosensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microarrays.    

Every package deal contains an entire QC file consisting of concentration, purity, and fluorescence to Antibody Ratio (quantity of labeling). Seattle Genova will make its priority to provide the conjugate you request. Years of experience in protein labeling with technical aid and representative aid from professionals, Seattle Genova provide risk free merchandise with results-based progression ensure optimal outcomes. Seattle Genova’s group of professionals will be in contact with you for the duration of your selection to offer first-class services.

Protein Labeling With Fluorophores
Seattle Genova provides custom protein fluorescence labeling services on the basis of our assembled bio conjugation technology.
Custom Protein Labeling With Enzymes
Seattle Genova offers enzyme-protein labeling conjugation offerings for signal producing molecules.
Custom Protein Labeling With Oligonucleotides
Seattle Genova offers custom oligonucleotide synthesis and oligonucleotide-protein conjugation through combining Seattle Genova’s understanding within the subject and years of experiences of professionals.
Custom Protein Labeling With Gold Nanoparticles
With advancement in plethora of product services, Seattle Genova also provides services of custom protein labeling with gold nanoparticles.
Custom Protein Labeling With PEGS
Seattle Genova providing outstanding protein labeling with PEG services with high quality and best conjugation techniques according to customer’s desire.
Custom Protein Labeling With Small Molecule Drugs
Seattle Genova has advanced a group of protein labeling strategies and reagents to fulfill your research requirements.
Custom Protein Labeling With Peptides
Seattle Genova gives one-stop solutions for all your peptide-protein bioconjugation needs. Seattle Genova’s custom peptide synthesis…
Custom Protein Labeling With Agarose
Seattle Genova is one of the leading suppliers that provide various merchandise including custom protein labeling with agarose, its bioconjugation, and modifications.

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