Custom Protein Labeling Services
Custom Protein Labeling With Agarose

Custom Protein Labeling With Agarose

Seattle Genova is one of the leading suppliers that provide various merchandise including custom protein labeling with agarose, its bioconjugation, and modifications. Experienced professionals in Seattle Genova ensure the reliability and quality of our custom products. Seattle Genova does not compromise on quality and keeps trust of our customers strong. Custom coating through conjugation of protein to membranes of gel matrix and beads, were used as tools in diverse applications including biosensors, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and microarrays. Seattle Genova also offers attachment of the antibody to agarose for isolation of proteins and different compounds from sera or cell and tissue homogenates through affinity chromatography for quantization. Seattle Genova expert team is also available to help you in figuring out in the production of manufacturing products that meets your needs.


Cyanogen bromide (CNBr) activation of agarose beads is a time-examined traditional technique of immobilizing protein and antibody on resin for affinity purification. CNBr reacts with hydroxyl organizations on agarose to shape cyanate esters or imidocarbonates. These groups react with primary amines of proteins located at the N-terminus of proteins or in lysine residues, to form intermediate Schiff Base complexes. The desired linkage is imidocarbonate, which has multiple point factor attachments and no net charge. Some merchandise can also additionally have an isourea bond product, that is extremely risky and might bring about leakage of the coupled ligand and result in non-specific binding. CNBr is relatively dangerous and performed by relatively skilled employees. 


Seattle Genova never compromise with the quality and reliability of its products. Seattle Genova provides excellent services for custom protein labeling with agarose such as: 





Product is 1 mg up to several grams. 

A complete QC report.


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