Custom Protein Labeling Services
Custom Protein Labeling With Gold Nanoparticles

Custom Protein Labeling With Gold Nanoparticles

With advancement in plethora of product services, Seattle Genova also provides services of custom protein labeling with gold nanoparticles. Seattle Genova’s services of custom conjugation covers different types of gold nanoparticles such as nanogold, undecagold or colloidal gold. Depending on the chemistry of conjugation and years of expertise in offering high quality and reliable gold nanoparticle conjugates with protein, each step of bioconjugation is carefully observed according to the Seattle Genova’s level of perfection to meet customer’s desire. Custom gold nanoparticle-protein labeling has applications in various fields. These custom labeling are best for the diagnostic applications, therapeutics, electron microscopy. This type of labeling commonly used for diagnosis of diseases, targeting and detecting damaged biological materials such as tissues, organs, cells.      

Conjugation Strategy

Conjugation of excessive molecular weight molecules (e.g., proteins) to traditional gold nanoparticles is highly appropriate to the adsorption method. With this approach the immunoreactive molecule is at once related to the gold nanoparticle surface. 

Higher Molecular Weight: The aggregate of chemisorption through thiol groups, hydrophobic interaction and electrostatic binding of a single layer of proteins on the surface of the gold nanoparticles guarantees top-quality stability and activity of the conjugate. In standard this conjugation approach may be used for macromolecules with a molecular weight > 30kDalton. 

Lower Molecular Weight: As an alternative, Seattle Genova puts together the desired gold nanoparticle conjugate with the help of covalent conjugation technique. As a primary step, gold nanoparticles are stabilized with thiol functional groups using chemisorption. This conjugation technique is the standard approach for conjugating low molecular weight molecules.


Seattle Genova seeks expertise of professionals for bioconjugation and make sure to offer excellent services and products. Some features of services Seattle Genova offers for custom protein labeling with gold nanoparticles are:





Product is 1 mg up to several grams

A complete QC report


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