Custom Protein Labeling Services
Custom Protein Labeling With Oligonucleotides

Custom Protein Labeling With Oligonucleotides

Seattle Genova offers custom oligonucleotide synthesis and oligonucleotide-protein conjugation through combining Seattle Genova’s understanding within the subject and years of experiences of professionals. Seattle Genova help customers in growing protein-oligo/nucleic acid hybrid molecules through the usage of diverse cross-linking chemistries. All conjugates are examined through SDS-PAGE.


The range and specificity of proteins mixed with the specificity of hybridization of oligonucleotides outcomes in limitless numbers of unique protein detection reagents. Oligonucleotide-Protein conjugates had been utilized in several applications from diagnostics to therapeutics. Researchers and assay builders keep to layout new oligonucleotide-protein conjugates for novel usages on: 

siRNA-antibody transport in healing techniques 

Vaccines adjuvant or pre-focused on most cancer therapeutics

Immuno-PCR response as a touchy approach for protein detection and quantification

In the field of proteomics


Seattle Genova custom protein-oligonucleotides labeling has following features that help it to stand first on the list of best custom conjugates:



There are number of functional groups in protein molecule that help in conjugations. The crosslinking conjugation takes place with the help of amine, thiol, and carboxylate groups.    


Specific sites



α-amine groups


Carboxylate groups

C-terminal end

Conjugation executed by using of hinge area-SH groups, will orient the connected oligonucleotide far from the protein binding regions, as a consequence preventing the blockage of these sites and maintaining activity.

If a number of the changed or conjugated residues are positioned at the protein binding sites, the approach might also additionally produce active or inactive oligonucleotide-protein conjugates that might not bind to the antigen. In such cases, an alternative conjugation approach that is the use of a thiol reactive group is used to produce conjugate.

The 2nd alternative approach of site-directed conjugation of protein molecules takes vicinity at carbohydrate chains, usually connected to the  area inside the Fc region. On periodate oxidation, an aldehyde group may be delivered to the protein, in an effort to permit it to react with an amine modified oligonucleotide.




Product is 1 mg up to several grams. 

A complete QC report.


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