Custom Protein Labeling Services
Custom Protein Labeling With Peptides

Custom Protein Labeling With Peptides

Seattle Genova gives one-stop solutions for all your peptide-protein bioconjugation needs. Seattle Genova’s custom peptide synthesis, amendment, and conjugation offerings contain chemical amendments of the peptide at surprisingly particular sites. This permits the fashionable attachment of labels consisting of fluorescent, chemilluminescent, or chromogenic enzyme substrates. Seattle Genova is a pacesetter in custom peptide synthesis and bioconjugation offerings with a higher achievement rate above the enterprise standard. Seattle Genova is dedicated to handing over low-cost peptide-protein labels and provides complete amendment and labeling alternatives for use in existence technology research, diagnostics, and drug discovery. Applications of peptide-protein conjugate labeling encompass surface-immobilized probes to facilitate diagnostic detection or as drug delivery agents when the peptide is conjugated with any molecular group that provides beneficial properties—consisting of radionucleotides, drugs, toxins, enzymes, metal chelates, fluorophores, and others.


Bioconjugation of peptides with proteins takes place with the help of reactive groups such as amine, thiol, carboxylate, hydroxyl, aldehyde and ketone, active hydrogen, photo-chemical and cycloaddition reactions, zero-length cross-linking, homobifunctional, heterobiofunctional, or multifunctional cross-linkers. Some of the commonly used cross linkers are as below:

Cross-linking reagents

Target sites


Links carrier molecules to N-terminus of peptide

Carbodiimide (EDC)

Attaches carrier to C-terminus of peptide

Succinimide Esters (E.G. Mbs, Smcc)

Binds free amino group and Cys residues

Benzidine (BDB)

Links to Tyr residues


Attaches to carbohydrate groups

Bioconjugation can also arise through the C- and N-terminals of each polypeptide chain, the carboxylate groups of aspartic and glutamic acids, the ϵ-amine of lysine, the guanidino group of arginine, the sulfhydryl group of cysteine, the phenolate ring of tyrosine, the indol ring of tryptophan, the thioether of methionine, and the imidazole ring of histidine.


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