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Dendritic Cells-Based mRNA Vaccine Production

Dendritic Cells-Based mRNA Vaccine Production

Dendritic cells take up and process antigens and present them to T cells. Therefore, DC has been properly studied as a means of stimulating cancer-specific T-cell responses. An effective method for programming DCs is to use mRNA, and the vaccine which includes DCs-modified mRNA has proven promising outcomes in medical trials. Equipped with a group of expert scientists, Seattle Genova offers specialized assist in the design, manufacturing, and assessment of dendritic cell-based mRNA vaccines to carry your mRNA therapeutics toward scientific realization. We can accommodate the unique attributes of customer's tasks and offer flexible and incorporated solutions.


DCs are loaded with mRNA both ex vivo and in situ. 

● For the ex vivo situation, immature DCs are received from the patient's peripheral blood. After the maturation of DCs, DCs are loaded with antigen-encoding mRNA. Then, the engineered DCs are administrated again to patients. Loading antigen-encoding mRNAs into DCs can be done by electroporation, lipofection, nucleofection, and sonoporation ex vivo. 

● DC transfection can be realized for the in situ condition by directly injecting antigen-encoding mRNAs complexed with TriMix into lymph nodes.

DC-based mRNA vaccines depend upon the capacity of DCs to uptake mRNA and translate it to protein, after which process it into peptides and deliver them to CD8+ T-cells. DC phagocytoses mRNA via massive cell drinking, a method that swiftly decreases after DC activation. Since the mRNA itself can prompt pattern recognition receptors (TLR3 and TLR7, etc.), and therefore result in DC activation, the process is self-limiting. Additionally, mRNA has to transport via the endosome, which includes the risk that only a small part of the mRNA will reach the cytoplasm, in which the cytoplasm is transformed into protein.




Dendritic Cells-Based mRNA Vaccine product.

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