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Drug-protein Binding Test With SPR

Drug-protein Binding Test With SPR

Comprehensive analysis throughout primary targets and off-targets is crucial in drug discovery. SPR is a real-time and label free in vitro tool for molecule-molecule interactions providing information on the affinity and kinetics of the studied system. Seattle Genova offers SPR analysis services for drug-protein binding and kinetics. 

Binding between bioactive compounds and proteins plays a pivotal role in many therapeutic or preventive approaches. In the first place, in fact, most drugs carry out their action through the direct modulation of the activity of proteins and protein complexes. Moreover, several proteins regulate the transport and distribution of drugs within organisms, tissues, and cells. Finally, the action of different enzymes determines the metabolism, the elimination and, in some cases, the activation of most exogenous bioactive substances. At the same time, several undesired effects of therapeutic treatments depend on off-target interactions. Therefore, a detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying the formation of drug/protein complexes and of the variations induced by this interaction on proteins’ activity and interactome is of utmost importance for drug discovery, pharmacology, pharmacotoxicology, and medicinal chemistry studies. 


Our experts have extensive expertise in analyzing and resolving SPR challenges with ‘difficult to test' proteins. 


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