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Drug Screening With Organoids

Drug Screening With Organoids

Seattle Genova provides patient-derived organoids which exhibit and predicts the treatment responses as well as drug toxicity testing. The combination of tumor and normal tissue-derived organoids provided by our services has enabled the screening of various tumor-related drug vulnerabilities. Moreover, we provide detailed protocols for organoid drug screening by utilizing various tumor organoids.

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The development of high throughput drug screening organoids under the supervision of our highly qualified staff has advanced the use of organoids in clinical practices and facilitated therapeutic decision-making.

3D Cell Line-Derived Organoids  

Our services for providing 3D cell line-derived organoids culture have extensive applications in drug toxicity screenings. The MCF-7 derived3D organoids were shown to be more resistant to the chemotherapeutic drug as compared to other cultures. Moreover, our 3D cultures provide different cell surface receptors, metabolic functions, and cell densities which investigate the effectiveness of drugs and perform initial drug screening for toxicity. 

Patient-Derived Organoids (PDOs)

Seattle Genova provides highly precise patient-derived organoids that have an accuracy of approximately 85% in predicting drug response and its toxicity. Additionally, liver cancer-derived organoids correlate between drug responses and drug toxicity inside the patients.  The various genetic determinants have enabled our organoids to predict drug toxicity with precision. The high throughput screening methods in our PDO allowed rapid drug screening through liquid handling robotics. These robots automatically derive organoids from human pluripotent stem cells through phenotyping, fixating, and differentiation.

Squamous Cell Derived Organoids 

Settle Genova provides versatile tools for the generation and maintenance of cancer organoids which enables the testing of therapeutic agents. We offer in-depth protocols for the generation of neck and head squamous cell carcinoma which serves as a potent reference to perform drug toxicity screenings.  The stem-based technology has enabled our customers to have in-depth research by utilizing its characteristics in the analysis various drug screenings. Moreover, this technology holds great promise for personalized medicines by screening therapeutic drugs for their toxicities. 


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