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Female Reproductive Tract Organoid Culture Service

Female Reproductive Tract Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova provides 3D organoid technology to different model regions of the female reproductive tract (FRT), including fallopian tubes, ovaries, cervix, and Endometrium. These models engage new avenues to investigate FRT's typical pathology and biology. Moreover, our services are through FRT organoids for proper functioning and diagnostic outcomes. The organoids for the reproductive tract faithfully recapitulate the key for their cells' morphological and molecular characteristics and functionality. Hence, our FRT organoids system is an essential tool for studying the disease and physiology of the FRT.

Seattle Genova Services

Seattle Genova provides various FRT organoids, including ovaries, Endometrium, fallopian tube, and cervix.


Seattle Genova provides ovaries organoids responsible for the cyclical maturation as they function for endocrine glands and secrete progesterone and estrogen for coordinating the cyclical changes into the Endometrium. Hence the ovaries' organoids are an opportunity to provide diagnostics and regenerative medicine. 

Fallopian tube

Seattle Genova offers fallopian tube organoids, which are derived from pluripotent cells and have characteristics of tubal epithelium secretory proteins as well as ciliated cells to mimic the in vitro condition of the fallopian tube. 


Seattle Genova provided a 3D model of endometrium organoids isolated from primary cells like stem cells and grown as a monolayer and transferred them into Matrigel to obtain various structures of columnar epithelium. Moreover, our services have also focused on the murine and human co-culture organoids for long-term analysis. These organoids are obtained through enzymatic digestion.   


Seattle Genova provides cervical organoids, including both endo and ecto cervical organoids. These cervix organoids have been cultured for long-term average adult cervical tissues, which recapitulate the site-specific epithelial architecture of the cervix. Additionally, the differentiation towards the endocervical lineage with signaling while its inhibition is essential for stratification.    


The offered FRT organoids by Seattle Genova recapitulate on the original tissues, are set up with relative ease, and allow widespread use. Moreover, our organoids define the common issues through standardized charts of reproducibility, standardization, and diligence validation.


Alzamil, L., Nikolakopoulou, K., & Turco, M. Y. (2021). Organoid systems to study the human female reproductive tract and pregna


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