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In Vitro RNA Transcription Service

In Vitro RNA Transcription Service

Seattle Genova has an in vitro transcription system designed for the constant manufacturing of massive quantities of highly specific activity single-stranded capped or uncapped RNA in a brief quantity of time. RNA has always been a vital part of gene regulation. In vitro transcription is a common research method because it is a suitable process and has a plethora of benefits. In this process, in vitro cell-free system is used to produce RNA through intracellular transcription from a DNA template. Through this, we can control the following factors:

Genes of transcription

Process of transcription

Use of post-transcriptional RNA

The applications of IVT of RNA are in the labeled probes synthesis, hybridization analysis, microinjection, biochemical and genetic research, etc. Seattle Genova has advanced nucleotides, polymerases, and modified enzymes for highly efficient transcription of capped RNA, large-scale transcription, and transcription reactions primarily based on brief DNA templates.


In vitro transcription is illustrated through the T7 system derived from the T7 phage of E. coli. For the in vitro transcription, DNA acts as a template that can be obtained through cloning or PCR. Cloned templates are used for lengthy transcripts (> 100 nt) and annealed oligo’s for extremely brief transcripts. When small quantities are needed, PCR-products are likely the most convenient because of the flexibility in design of the template and the convenience of its production. The DNA template is linearized before in vitro transcription. With the help of NTPs and RNA polymerase, mRNA is produced.  Later, 5′ cap and a 3′ poly(A) tail will be added after mRNA reacts with the capping enzymes. 




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