In Vitro Transcribed mRNA Services
With the wide list of products, Seattle Genova is successful in starting of mRNA services. Seattle Genova’s team has shown great results in production of custom mRNAs and its further services.
LNPs for mRNA Delivery
Seattle Genova’s LipoXTM platform has demonstrated outstanding performance for small and large-scale production of lipid nanoparticles.
Organoid Services
Seattle Genova provide services based on the advanced organoid technology and includes organoid services from primary mouse and human tissues…
Stable Cell Line Construction Services
Seattle Genova is here and ready to assist you. The Stable Cell Line Services offered by Seattle Genova are prepared to meet all of your custom cell line requirements…
Custom Protein Labeling Services
Seattle Genova’s custom protein labelling service combines years of conjugation know-how with a large choice of labels, inclusive of fluorescent dyes, phycobiliproteins…
Protein Interaction Testings
Direct protein-protein interactions are known to regulate a wide range of cellular activities.
Molecular Cloning Services
Seattle Genova is pleased to offer an expanded and cost-effective molecular cloning services to boost your research.
Virus Production Services
Seattle Genova provides high-quality and cost-friendly research products to meet customers’ needs.
Antibody Production Services
Seattle Genova is a well-established manufacturer to provide competitive and cost effective custom antibodies to boost your research.
Protein Production Services
Seattle Genova’s BioActiveTM platform is planning to provide our customers with glorious protein production services that keep the bioactivities of your proteins as before.
Biotesting Services
CRISPR/cas9 Therapeutics Development
Seattle Genova offers a wide range of products and services about CRISPR/Cas9 to develop therapeutic cell services for our clients.

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