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Kidney Organoid Culture Service

Seattle Genova offers kidney organoids, which are essential for understanding the development of the standard and diseased human kidney. These kidney organoids provide advances in single-cell RNA sequencing which led to the identification of a variety of cell types similar to the human kidney cells. Hence the organotypic kidney structures are equipped with ureters, collecting ducts, nephrons, stroma, and vascular flow to generate transplantable kidneys. Our services have expertise in the glomerular and tubular diseases of human kidneys.    

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Our services could help inspect the formation of various dysfunction of kidneys and neurological disorders and the establishment of complex nephron circuitry, which shed some light on investigating human kidney disease.

Organoids Derived from Human Tissues

Seattle Genova obtains kidney organoids from human fetal tissues through patient consent. These derived organoids are utilized to understand several structural and genetic abnormalities, and kidney organoids are used for research and diagnostic purposes. 

Organoids Derived from Human Pluripotent Cells (hPSC) 

Seattle Genova utilizes human pluripotent cell lines used for monolayer culture coated in the Matrigel to generate the kidney organoid models. This model is further used for deep analysis of nephrons and tubular disease inside the kidneys and their concentrated solution in the form of various drugs. 


Fig: The Schematic Representation of Kidney Organoid from Human Pluripotent Cell

Organoids Derived from Neural Progenitor Cells line.

Seattle Genova offers various 3D cultured neural progenitor cell lines derived from kidney cells of mouse strains. These NPCs cell lines are cultures before the use for reconstruction of engineered kidney organoids. Kidney organoids extracted from NPC cell lines are utilized to analyze the synthesis of various genetic mutations inside the kidney cells. 


Seattle Genova provides kidney organoids that are researched for the various diagnostic of nephrological and kidney diseases. The multiple protocols for the in vitro expansion of different NPCs and other cells develop a lineage of kidney cells. The maturation of kidney organoids by our services is to provide a detailed analysis of the developing kidneys at the single-cell level. 


Low, J. H., Li, P., Chew, E. G. Y., Zhou, B., Suzuki, K., Zhang, T., ... & Xia, Y. (2019). Generation of human PSC-derived kidney organoids with patterned nephron segments and a de novo vascular network. Cell stem cell, 25(3), 373-387.


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