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Lentivirus Production For Neuro Cell Transfection

Lentivirus Production For Neuro Cell Transfection

Transfecting neuronal cells are challenging. When used on neurons, several techniques that are frequently beneficial for immortalized tissue culture cells or original cultures of no neuronal cells are hazardous, ineffectual, or both. We have created a procedure that enhances the transfection of central neurons using electroporation.


For the study of many facets of neuronal cell biology, nucleic acid transfection into cells is essential. These include generating tagged proteins to monitor their sub cellular localization, activity, and turnover; studying the roles of specific domains in mutant proteins; and expressing mutant versions of proteins to study the functions of specific domains or simulate illness circumstances. Additionally, intracellular ion concentrations or levels of gene expression can be found using reporter proteins.


Lentiviruses, such as the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), can infect non-dividing cells, in contrast to other retroviruses. They are ideally suited to produce stable transgenic cell lines because they insert into the host DNA. This makes lentiviral vectors particularly helpful for the creation of inducible expression or knock-down systems in vitro and in vivo, together with their high transduction efficiency and minimal toxicity. However, new advancements in no integrating lentiviral vectors are intriguing, especially for in vivo applications, as stable integration into the host genome bears the danger of insertional mutations.

Recent innovations have also decreased the threat posed by replication-competent lentiviruses in the following ways:

(1) To create virions, packaging cells must cotransfect with specific plasmids that contain viral packaging elements.

(2) Without impairing the virus' capacity to transmit genes, six of HIV-1's nine genes that encode crucial virulence components have been removed. These third generation vectors, on which the majority of commercially available lentiviral systems are based, offer a comparatively secure and effective method for transient or stable production of RNAi in dividing and no dividing cells.

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