Virus Production Services
Lentivirus Production Services

Lentivirus Production Services

Seattle Genova offers custom ultra-purified lentivirus for in vitro and in vivo research use. They are engineered for the transduction of nearly all mammalian cells, and even work with difficult-to-transduce cells. To ensure the highest possible titer and quality, our lentivirus is produced from standardized protocols, with stringent quality control processes, which include sequence verification of the insert and qRT-PCR based titer estimation. 

Advantages of lentivirus

  • Lentiviral vectors can carry relatively large transgenes

  • Low immunogenicity

  • Can be used for gene editing (e.g. deliver CRISPR elements to the cell) 

  • Ability to transduce both dividing and non-dividing cells

  • Integration into the host genome and stable expression of the transgene

Our workflow

1.Vector design

2.Codon optimization and DNA synthesis

3.Molecular cloning and plasmid DNA preparation

4.Lentivirus production with HEK293 cells

5.Lentivirus purification

6.Titer determination and QC

7.Product delivery

Features of our services

  • Highly experienced team delivers high-quality packaged virus

  • Consistent and reliable titers delivered at or above specified titer levels

  • Three different titer levels and flexible production scales

  • Expert technical support, full confidentiality, and on-time delivery

Seattle Genova offers experienced service, high-quality packaged virus, and expert support to meet your research needs.  

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