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Lipid Based Particle Production For mRNA Delivery

Lipid Based Particle Production For mRNA Delivery

Seattle Genova offers a solution for the development of mRNA-based therapeutics, consisting of vaccines, gene editing, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR), and protein expression in cells or embryos. Based on vast design and production experience, Seattle Genova's experts can help researchers in providing wide range of lipid based particles for LNP-mRNA production, and in vitro/in vivo useful testing to enhance the development of mRNA-based vaccines and gene therapy. Lipids are significantly used within the cosmetic and food industries further to nanoparticle drug technology. A variety of lipid molecules had been advanced for mRNA delivery and they may be certainly one of key factors leading to the success of the Covid-19 vaccines. Seattle Genova offers a wide selection of Lipo LNPs to our clients worldwide. We additionally provide rapid pace custom synthesis of novel LNPs to empower your advanced research in pharmaceutical & biotech field.



Seattle Genova’s List of Lipid based particles:

Our portfolio of LNPs and custom lipid synthesis services help you bring your production to scale. As naked mRNA is unstable, drug delivery systems, such as lipid nanoparticles, are essential to deliver mRNA to target cells. Selection of the right excipient and lipids is critical for a success encapsulation. We provide lots of differing types in 4 classes of lipids such as;

▶ Cationic Lipids: DOTMA, DOTAPE, DDAB, DOPE, BHEM-Cholestrol, DC-Cholestrol, SM-102 (Moderna).

 Ionizable Lipids: DOGS, MVL5, GL67, DLIN-DMA, DLIN-KC3-DMA, DLIN-MC3-DMA (Alnylam), L319, LIPID H [SM-102(Moderna)], ALC-0315 (Pfizer/BioNTech/Acuitas), C12-200, 306Oi10, CKK-E12, FTT5, OF-C4-DEG-LIN.

▶ PEG-Lipids: PEG-2000-C-DMG (Alnylam), PEG-2000-C-DMG (Alnylam), 

PEG-2000-C-DMG (Alnylam), DSPC.


Composition of LNPs:

LNPs used for RNA-based vaccines should be prepared from precise proportions of specific lipid components. LNPs typically consist of a cationic/ionizable lipid and helper lipids such as phospholipids, cholesterol, and/or PEGylated lipids.





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