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Liver Organoids Culture Service

Seattle Genova is offering custom liver organoid culture to our customers to accelerate studies of organ development and tissue morphogenesis, modeling of diseases, testing drug sensitivity and toxicity, and potentially forming complex tissues for transplantation. Advances in three-dimensional (3D) cell culture techniques facilitated by a deeper understanding of extracellular matrix (ECM) biology combined with greater knowledge about signaling pathway regulation of stem cell niches and differentiation programs have enabled the establishment of organoid culture systems. Our global sites have supported both costumed cell culture and drug screening utilizing liver organoids from leading innovators for many years. Traditional 2D monolayer cultures interactions are limited to the horizontal plane. Eurofins BioPharma Product Testing's scientific expertise and breadth of testing capabilities place the company at the forefront in supporting clients' mission to gain a deeper understanding of this complex organ.

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Fig Generation of Liver Organoids from Various Stem Cells (Mun et al.,2019).

Liver Donor Transplants and Tumor Resection

The resulting liver bud organoids consisted of proliferating hepatoblasts and associated cells that, on transplantation into different mouse sites, developed into hepatic tissue exhibiting mature hepatic features. In contrast to other endodermal organs, the liver has a much slower cellular turnover (in mice, approximately every 60 and 150 days for cholangiocytes and hepatocytes, respectively. Despite a low cellular turnover, when challenged, the liver has a remarkable ability to regenerate. Embryonic liver organoids as a tool to understand liver development.

Signaling Pathway of DR

Seattle Genova uses ductular reaction DR which proliferates cholangiocytes, hepatocytes, and hepatoblasts in highly related signaling pathways. Using liver organoids can help us to certify the pathway which affects the differentiation of the cells.

Single Lgr5+ liver stem cells

Seattle Genova utilizes Lgr5+ stem cells in actively self-renewing tissues and can also be extended to damage-induced stem cells in a tissue with a low rate of spontaneous proliferation.


Seattle Genova's promise of rapidly expanding the field to provide new experimentally tractable, physiologically relevant models of organ development, and human pathologies and paving the way for therapeutic applications. Organoids generated from the liver have hepatic differentiation potential and can be a source for toxicology testing and serve as a model for liver diseases. 


Mun, S. J., Ryu, J. S., Lee, M. O., Son, Y. S., Oh, S. J., Cho, H. S., ... & Son, M. J. (2019). Generation of expandable human pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatocyte-like liver organoids. Journal of hepatology, 71(5), 970-985.


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