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Lung Organoids Culture Service

Seattle Genova offers pulmonary organoids which provide an excellent platform to model various injuries and repairment of lungs. These lung organoids are derived from various tissue including epithelial, sarcoma, and human pluripotent stem cells. The various strategies to formulate and derive lung organoids provide new insights which could be effectively managed for lung diseases and the development of new and innovative drugs. Moreover, through our lung organoids researchers could discover various regulatory mechanisms for epithelial related to lung repairment tissues and cells.


Fig: the lung organoid application in innovative research and diagnostics (Vazquez-Armendariz et al., 2022)

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Seattle Genova utilizes various models and derived stem cells to form lung organoids. In addition to that, the application of lung organoids would be implemented in tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, pharmaceutical safety, and efficacy testing. 

Lung Organoids from Sarcoma Cells 

Seattle Genova utilizes mouse-derived sarcoma cells and is used in early cultures of lung organoids. We utilize Matrigel organoid culture for this model because Matrigel provides a complex extracellular matrix that provides the derived cell a firm support framework in vivo. This promotes the differentiation of cells and their growth for the generation of 3D lung organoids. 

Lung Organoids from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Seattle Genova utilizes human pluripotent stem cells which differentiate into human lung organoids and bud tip progenitor organoids. The human lung organoids possess various cell types and structures which further resemble the bronchi/bronchioles of human airways. 

Lung Organoids from Mesenchyme Cells

Seattle Genova offers lung organoids which are derived from mesenchyme cells that express on the alveolar cell markers. The organoids derived from these cells possess a population of highly proliferative multipotent cells with in vitro multilineage potential.  

Lung Organoids Derived Epithelial Mesenchymal Cells

Seattle Genova provides various epithelia fate decisions of lung organoids and can be used to model epithelial-mesenchymal cross-talk during the development of human lung organoids.  


Seattle Genova provides a robust 3-D customized lung or pulmonary organoid system for broader research communities. Moreover, we galvanize cross-discipline to encourage transformational advances and eliminate limitations in current organoids and accelerate the development of lung organoids


Vazquez-Armendariz, A. I., Barroso, M. M., El Agha, E., & Herold, S. (2022). 3D In Vitro Models: Novel Insights into Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Pathophysiology and Drug Screening. Cells, 11(9), 1526.


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