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mRNA Identity Analysis

Seattle Genova offers mRNA Identity Analysis by RT-PCR. The mRNA is a translated DNA structure recognized and used to assemble amino acids into proteins. The integrity and identification of mRNA are necessary to determine the faith of genetic diseases. Seattle Genova helps its customers to attain maximum integrity of mRNA.


For mRNA identity, Seattle Genova offers Reverse transcription-PCR (RT-PCR) methods. In this method, the RNA is extracted from the cells and then run for PCR along with using primer. These primers are sequenced based on mRNA sequence and amplified on the mRNA portion of the whole specimen. For confirmation, the samples are run along with the controls to correctly identify and detect mRNA.


Seattle Genova provides various mRNA Analyses and Characterization, which enables precise and consistent results. Our services will provide reliable, accurate, and user-friendly results. Hence, we believe in delivering results that manage customers' research with secure access.  


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