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mRNA Production With Cytidine-containing Tails That Enhance mRNA Stability

mRNA Production With Cytidine-containing Tails That Enhance mRNA Stability

Synthetic mRNAs are growing unexpectedly as alternative therapeutic agents for delivery of proteins. However, the practical use of synthetic mRNAs has been limited by their low cellular stability in addition to poor protein production efficiency. The key roles of poly (A) tail on mRNA biology inspire us to discover the optimization of tail sequence to overcome the aforementioned limitations. Here, the systematic substitution of non-A nucleotides in the tails revealed that cytidine-containing tails can considerably enhance the protein production rate and duration of synthetic mRNAs both in vitro and in vivo. This modification increases application of mRNA therapeutics in clinical researches. Seattle Genova, the rising biotech company, with the help of advanced technologies and its scientist expertise,  has developed techniques in the mRNA production services to fulfil all of its customer’s need. Seattle Genova not only provides services on the mRNA production but also on modification of mRNA tail with cytidine to enhance its stability and protein production.

Modification of mRNA poly(A) tail

The range of tail length (30A–70A) on synthetic mRNAs. The modification of poly(A) tail should be at the very end of tail from 3’end. From all of the bases only cytidine shows promising results. Seattle Genova offers cytidine substitution in the modification of poly(A) tail of mRNA production. Other bases such as guanine, adenine, and uracil does not provide good mRNA stability and very low protein production rate. However, cytidine substitution shows remarkable results; i.e, high stability of mRNA, high protein production rate, and even extended protein expression time span as compared to standard poly(A)tail.

Structure of mRNA and location possibility of cytidine substitution

The modification of poly(A) tail with cytidine will be at the very end of tail. There are few options for substitution to choose according to customer’s research needs.

  • -A-C

  • -C-A

  • -A-AC

  • -C-C-A






  • mRNA product with cytidine modified tail.

  • A complete work report.


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