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mRNAs for Cancer Vaccine Development

mRNAs for Cancer Vaccine Development

Seattle Genova's mRNA based vaccine development platform has supported us build one of the fastest-developing mRNA provider services in the industry. The professional group of Seattle Genova has considerable technical understanding in vaccine design, mRNA synthesis, and analytics to assiyst in delivering your successive mRNA project come to life.

mRNA vaccines represent an importtant category of cancer vaccines that are capable of encoding and expressing TAA, TSA, and their associated cytokines. mRNA cancer vaccines can stimulate both humoral and cellular immunity, improving the adaptability of these vaccines to various diseases and patients.



mRNA cancer vaccines have several advantages, containing rapid production, flexibility, relatively low cost, and the ability to develop a robust protective immune response. More significantly, from the viewpoint of safety, mRNA does not combine into the host genome, in contrast to DNA vaccines. 

The most precise usage of mRNA vaccines in oncologic settings is the immunization of patients with mRNA vaccines encoding tumor-associated antigens (TAAs).

The application of mRNA vaccines is the generation of personalized vaccines. This is feasible because mRNA vaccines are created by a generic procedure, which can be utilized to fast stimulate mRNA vaccines targeting patient-specific neoantigens that are identified by examining the tumor exome. Apart from being utilized instantly to vaccinate patients, mRNAs can also be operated in cellular therapies to transfect patient-derived cells in vitro and infuse the manipulated cells back into the patient. One such application is the transfection of patient-derived dendritic cells (DCs) with mRNAs encoding TAAs, which directs to the presentation of TAA-derived peptides on the DCs and an activation of antigen-specific T cells in vivo.


Production Process

Step#1 DNA plasmid production

mRNA synthesis begins with plasmid design and production. Plasmids are created in bacterial cultures, then harvested and purified.

Step#2 In-vitro transcription (IVT)

In vitro transcription is a a method that authorizes for template-directed synthesis of RNA molecules of any series from short oligonucleotides to those of several kilobases in μg to mg quantities. It is established on the engineering of a template that contains a bacteriophage promoter sequence (e.g. from the T7 coliphage) upstream of the sequence of interest observed by transcription utilizing the corresponding RNA polymerase. 

Step#3 mRNA purification

mRNA purification subtracts enzymes, remaining nucleotides, plasmid DNA, and defective mRNA. New arising technologies like Fibro chromatography, currently available for mAb purification, are in development for molecules such as DNA plasmids and mRNA.

Step#4 mRNA encapsulation and polishing

The purified mRNA-based therapeutic is developed in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) as a drug delivery vehicle. Core chromatography can be utilized to further remove impurities.

Step#5 QC Release and Stability Testing

  • RNA content by UV-Vis

  • Purity by IRRP HPLC

  • Residual DNA by RT-qPCR

  • Residual protein by MS

  • Potency by cell-free translation

  • Endotoxin and residuals measurements

  • Sequencing

Service Highlights

  • High quality products and assistance at competitive prices

  • Custom tailored support to meet distinct application or program needs

  • Broad variety of adaptation, treatment, and purification options

  • Reasonable custom synthesis up to gram scales of mRNA and long RNA (multiple kilobases)

  • In-house plasmid manufacturing optimized for medicinal mRNA production


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