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Microfluidic 3D Culture For Organoid Production

Microfluidic 3D Culture For Organoid Production

Seattle Genova provides 3D culture organoids that are physiologically relevant to basic and clinical applications. The 3D microfluidic organoids offered by us are advantageous in high throughput and precise analysis to facilitate personalized therapies and preclinical research.

Research Background 

Our 3D microfluid culture organoids comprise organ-specific cells with their microenvironment, which mimics the required human physiology more precisely. Moreover, our organ-on-a-chip platforms comprise tissue-specific cells with their extracellular matrixes which are remodeled into microfluid architectures. These organoids can absorb shear stress and fluidic flow. In addition, the sensing modalities on the microfluidics of the 3D organoids also remove the endpoint analysis which enables the researchers to monitor the status of organoids at any time of the analysis or experiment. 

3D Microfluid Culture Organoids with Drug Treatment 

Our 3D microfluid organoids provide dynamic drug treatment through real-time analysis for organoids. Our 3D microfluid organoids are validated through sequential combinatorial drug screening on human-derived pancreatic tumor organoids. These patient-derived organoids in correspondence to drug treatments were found to be more effective than in vitro combination therapy.        

3D Microfluid Culture Organoids with Immune System

Our novel 3D microfluidic complex organoid model systems also reflect upon the interaction between the immune systems and pathogens, which has been effectively seen in mapping coronavirus infections.  

3D Microfluid Culture Organoids with Viral Interactions

Seattle Genova provides various functional 3D microfluid culture organoids models used in research pathophysiology and physiology. Moreover, our customized 3D microfluid culture organoids are also used with the zika virus infection for neurogenesis. 

3D Microfluid Culture Organoids with Cancer 

Seattle Genova utilizes 3D microfluid organoids to imitate the human body's interaction with different organs and allow the integration of multiple tissue compartments to detect the functioning of cancers with the body organs. Moreover, it provides cancer metastasis modeling and cancer immune cell interactions as well.  


 Fig: Various Applications Of 3D Microfluid Organoids (Duzagac et al., 2021)


Seattle Genova provides an integrated platform for 3D microfluid organoids which models to screen and mirror real patient treatment. Moreover, these organoids facilitate the treatment of personalize therapy. 


Duzagac, F., Saorin, G., Memeo, L., Canzonieri, V., & Rizzolio, F. (2021). Microfluidic organoids-on-a-chip: Quantum leap in cancer research. Cancers, 13(4), 737.


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