Molecular Cloning Services

Molecular Cloning Services

Seattle Genova is pleased to offer an expanded and cost-effective molecular cloning services to boost your research. We have strong expertise for custom gene cloning and vector construction, shRNA, CRISPR/Cas9 synthesis, plasmid DNA and RNA purification, site-directed mutagenesis to introduce point mutations, small insertions, or deletions and other projects. We are capable to clone cDNA, ORFs from many species like human, mouse, rat, monkey, dog, cat, sheep, cattle, horse, pig, chicken, duck and so on.  

Tissue DNA Extraction
Seattle Genova is a leader company providing tissue DNA/RNA extraction services. Our nucleic acid extraction team provides DNA and RNA extraction services to meet the demands of any project.
Traditional Subcloning
Seattle Genova provides fast and efficient molecular cloning services to our customers.
Insertion Of Tags
Seattle Genova provides fast and efficient molecular cloning services to our customers. Our experienced scientists can add any protein tags to your existing plasmids.
Point Mutations
Seattle Genova offers a variety of mutagenesis services such as introducing point mutations, insertions, or deletions into your gene of interest.
Reporter Addition/Removal Service
Seattle Genova provides reporter gene addition and removal services to our customers.
Antibiotic Switching Service
Seattle Genova offers Antibiotic Gene Switching Services to our customers.
Plasmid DNA Production
Seattle Genova’s Plasmid DNA Production services provide high quantity transfection grade plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures.
High Throughput Plasmid DNA Preparation
Seattle Genova has developed a purification system to isolate high-quality plasmid DNA in high throughput.

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