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mRNA-Based Replacement Therapy

mRNA-Based Replacement Therapy

Therapeutic proteins are medicines that are genetically engineered versions of naturally occurring human proteins. Seattle Genova has been the industry leader in mRNA-based replacement therapy development for our clients.

Based on their pharmacological activity, they can be divided into five groups: 

(a) replacing a protein that is deficient or abnormal.

(b) augmenting an existing pathway.

(c) providing a novel function or activity.

(d) interfering with a molecule or organism.

(e) delivering other compounds or proteins, such as a radionuclide, cytotoxic drug, or effector proteins. 

Therapeutic proteins can also be grouped based on their molecular types that include:

antibody-based drugs

Fc fusion proteins


blood factors

bone morphogenetic proteins

engineered protein scaffolds


growth factors





They can also be classified based on their molecular mechanism of activity as:

(a) binding non-covalently to target, e.g., mAbs.

(b) affecting covalent bonds, e.g., enzymes.

(c) exerting activity without specific interactions, e.g., serum albumin. 

Modified mRNA (modRNA) is a safe, non-immunogenic, efficient, transient, local, and controlled nucleic acid delivery system that can overcome the obstacles to some traditional approaches for cardiac gene delivery. 

We have many years of experience providing advanced mRNA-based replacement therapy services to the pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries. At Seattle Genova, we are your true collaborative partners, helping create a scientific and operational roadmap that helps you meet your research, development, and commercial goals. We’re ready and able to help you synthesize and characterize your mRNA products in detail.

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